Your Hearing Test with Walker Hearing Clinic


As a patient at any of our Cork Hearing Clinics, you will embark on a 3 step hearing journey that will improve your quality of life sustainably for the long term good of your overall hearing health.

Step 1 – The Consultation


Hearing tests and diagnostic hearing consultations take anything from 60-90 minutes and will involve:

We will advise you as to the best course of rehabilitation to suit your hearing needs and will refer you to the ENT and/or GP if necessary.



Hearing Aid Test Equipment

Step 2 – Programming & Fitting


If a hearing loss is diagnosed and you decide to purchase a hearing aid, you will proceed to Step 2 which involves:


  • Follow Up Appointment
    A second appointment will be scheduled for you to return to our hearing clinic in Cork to get your hearing aid programmed and “fitted”. Your hearing aid will be programmed uniquely & specifically to your hearing loss.
  • Real Ear Measurement
    The most reliable and efficient method for “fitting” your hearing aid, IE: assessing the benefit provided by the amplification.
  • Bespoke Personalisation
    Acclimatisation Manager allows us to programme your hearing aid specifically for your hearing loss weaning you in to the required level of amplification. This ensures that you do not reject the amplification as it is introduced slowly over time.
  • General Maintenance & Instructions for Use
    Finally, you are given a detailed instruction on how to use, insert, remove, clean and generally look after your hearing aid to ensure longevity.
Audiologist fitting your hearing aid

Step 3 – Hearing Aid After Care Service


Hearing aids require periodic maintenance and adjustments throughout their lifespan.

A check-up is scheduled for you one week after you have been fitted with your hearing aids to ensure that you are 100% happy.

You are provided with a hearing aid after care service as part of your patient journey with Walker Hearing Clinic. Any check-ups you require post the one week check-up are included in the cost of your hearing aids.

Invisible Hearing Aid